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AoA, i don’t even know if my question will be read and answered but I want to give it a try. Can you tell me what rights do we have to sell our property which is in our own name. Scene is that my wife is the only child of her parents (late), her father died before her mother and he transferred the house on my mother-in-law’s name during his life, but when my mother-in-law died it was in her name so it was split between my wife and my wife’s maternal grandfather who is still alive (Masha Allah). Her maternal grandfather later transferred his part on my wife’s name so now the whole house’s land is in my wife’s name and she is the only legal owner of the house. Now we want to sell the house but her maternal uncle who is also a serving DSP Police is not letting us to sell it. Is there any way we can stop him from interfering in our business and does he have any right to stop us?

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  1. An owner of a property enjoys full rights over his property, therefore, no one has any right to interfere in any manner whatsoever. It ll be better to file an application against that DSP before the high official of Police and then file a writ petition before the High court or Justice of Peace.

    you may also seek a stay order from the civil court to restrained him from interfering in your property.

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