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Woman harassments and rape attempt in Karachi.
Yesterday 10 am my old friend neighbor faisal jatoi called me in casual way whos also old friend of my younger brother and aasked me to meet as it was a long time we were out of contact he was an old friend since 2016 when i use to live with family in khyaban e bukhari now i have family dispute and live alone where as my sister behnoi and mama bhai live separate i am in Muslim Dha Karachi. I met faisal jataoi considering him a good soul old friend also bhai ka dost he didnt told me with him he bought 2 male friends one who had a licensed pistol named mehdi syed mehdi i was uncomfortable they took to a guest house forcefully where as i only thought as faisal said to go McDonald and drop me a casual meetup that guest house is of a man nisar in DHA phase 8 guys forced me showing pistol to have paid sex with 3 of them faisal knowing that i am alone my father was a us citizen he died in 2017 and iam not i. Good terms with bhai mama behn cuz of behnoi faisal jatoi being neighbor and bhai friend knew this that i can call no one and i am single i screamed the guest house servents heard but mehdi said nisar bhai ko poch mai yaha ka badshah hu jab tuk karachi mai hu and bribed the servents faisal slapped me mehdi syed mehdi yelling me that i am a syed i can do anything the guy whos faisal jayois friend from USA as he told me having lisenced pistol proudly telling ive murdered 2 man before and killing a bitch lije u is not a big deal ..since babaa mama divorce i was 3 i have had faith in Creator stronger then any mountain in any universe i recited dua and surah my khala mamo dad late and grandparents nana nani who are from family of hazrat khwaja moidin chisti .. My nana mubarak ali chisti khala mamo support me financial after dad died my mother bhai well family issues but Allah khala mamo ko lambi zingi sehat khushi ata kare i survive cuz of them and studying i am 30 but i look 25 i had to drop university cuz of mother shes a doctor in Kpt fedural govt officer 18 19 gradesis a doctor too. Baba was a bussiness man in usa and thats how i live financially by inherited assets rent etc. Here in karachi i am alone almost. Faisal know all being bhai friend mehdi was over me saying words like paoun uthalo zinda rehne dunga etc i recited all dua and begged GOD TO save me respect if he took Baba finance and gave no bhai saga to me And God did mahdi recieved a call from his mother and shouted to other 2 guys faisal jatoi and another to be quite and after his mothers call he came in and said to faisal jatoi asi larkia toh roz mere niche se jati hain isko bol dafa hojae” i was pushed by servants out of gate of that nisar mans guest house locate in Dha phase 8 but a servant shouted log dekheingay inko gari manga dein they callled careem i had no money i asked mehdi faisal they said 400 nai 40lakh deingay have sex with us 3 ander chal i ran out to the careem cab came home took cash from a hotel wala nearby Allah usey 10 gunnah zada ata kare ameen he bought me water food too. I came i was confused grateful at how duas saved me didnt had one mark on my body i wasnt afraid of pistol berretta mehdi had idk usa liscenced or pakistan cuz a. womN girl alone well i am not fearful of death but i was afraid afraid if they raped me would this society let me. live ?? No izat etc? This scared me. As a woman the so called izat lut jana thing. I cant fight as by thier courage to harrass me was clear mehdi and faisal jatoi belong to some powerful families and fathers who think if they have son he can do anything. So i just filed complain if any support guidence given maybe tomorow another jatoi or syed wont be in highlight Afreen farah rahim a.k.a kanval rajput kan im calling here n there punjab nahi karachi se hou P toh call ye sindh se ho ye num online dhoond k yired bar bar pori info. Ye is situation mai kitni larkiyan complain karpati hongi? I want my identity hidden but criminal punished so kal koi aur larki ko harras karne ya khud ko imran khan ka bap bolne wale faisal jatoi ya syed mehdi calling i am syedzada. Larki ko katal ya rape na kare else mera faida nHi?


  1. Accused person clearly committed offences of kidnapping, assaults’, sexual harassments and illegal confinement. You may file a police complaint before a women police station in person. Police may help to report this matter secretly. or any male member from your family may also file a complaint.

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