Question :

If some one tries to creat misunderstanding to make workplace uncomfortable for women in Pakistan n reports her wrongly..under which law application can be proceeded in official capacity.


  1. you can handle this situations easily now. for women workplaces laws are very much strict .
    It is recommended that you should follow these steps whenever you encounter sexual harassment.

    If you want to lodge a complaint in an informal way, you or your designated person can informally report this incident to your supervisor or inquiry committee,

    You can also launch a formal complaint to your supervisor or inquiry committee through your supervisor, CBA (union) nominee or worker representative (in case of absence of union),

    For filing a formal complaint, you have three options:
    Either report the incident to Inquiry Committee, constituted within your organization (Section 4)
    Report directly to Federal/Provincial Ombudsman, appointed under this act (Section 8)
    Report directly to Police (under Section 509 of PPC)

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