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hello, I want to help my cousin his age is almost 19 year, he just started his carrier as you tuber with a friend who have you tube Chanel and they together upload video related to Pakistani Politics and affairs, he receive good response from that Chanel, so he make more videos and use hard word against government and its many departments, He received many threading calls but he ignore and keep uploading, Then He receive call from FIA Department and the authorities said that there is a high court advocate who fire a case on him so please come to FIA Office, my Cousin go there alone to staled this matter by him self, there the police take sorry latter from him and he write it too, Now the FIA Authorities fire Case on behalf of this latter. My cousin was sended to jail and his other friend who own the youtube Chanel is free on bail but the bail of my cousin is rejected again and again its almost 3 month he is still in jail and his mother gone ill and now she was in hospital very critical situation she only have one and only child thats him. so please someone help us in this matter we need bail so that he can visit his mother, Please Please help us.


  1. I am sure his bail Shall be granted from high court, Please visit our office along with relevant documents for abetter legal opinion.

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