Sir i wanna a question Abit important abiut my family Kindly give me your whatsapp I have a case.

I was nazim of Union council Manjhand District Jamshoro Sind during year 2001-2004.At that time I was human rights activist also and helped one minor aged girl from selling by her father and also highlighted issue of selling of bengali women in interior sindh.These issues were highlighted in media.My rivals threatened me by sending false…

sir is there any citation of power of attorny in criminal cases in which the power of attorny has been finished in criminal cases. if their is, it should be latest citation . i will be thankful to u sir to give me the answer

Aslam o Alaikum! Dear Sir! Short story of Case:– Mere bhai aur 3 dosre rishta daran pe 302 ki namzad FIR krai gai. Ju k ek mangharrat kahani per mabni thi aur jisk shawahid police ko bhi mil gaye… Shro mein 2 afrad ko girftari eltwa likh diya gya aur 2 afrad ko adam baraamdgi…

How to resist police,if they extort to bribe you at a hotel. I’ve been in a reputed hotel of lahore,sharing a room with my partner,but we provided all of our legal documents,the hotel is located near mm alam lahore,can be there any problem in future.

I am facing a criminal trail (FIA Case), during evidence complainant depose a different version of FIR and nothing any single document exibit, after then I.O deposed a different version, neither exibih it FIR, mushir nama and case property, what the consequences

Someone cheated me

Dear Sir, A lady (who is our neighbor)and his son attacked my mother at home, snatched a gold chain and escaped on 31st January,2019. But police didn’t lodge an FIR so far. This lady is a continuous threat to my family, i need a legal advice and how to get rid of her. Neither me…

Sir December main mere ghar py chori howi. Main job krta hun Company walon ny mujhy dosry shehr bheja 2 din bad mere ghar main chori ho gai rat k time. 4 choron ny rat ko mere ghar main ghuss kr mera pora ghar khali kr diya. 4 choron main sy 2 ko kuch saman…

May brother has 25 year punishment 302 He is alone nominated in FIr The charg Sodomy and302 but in no matriral itendifid in swab Now caus in high court justice alia neelam waht is % may brother is escape this cause

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