My cousin stuck in drugs case. His bail is also rejected from high court. His marriage is fixed on next month. Please advice something for his bail as soon as possible

Sir me ak teacher hun ak sabqa school ke principal ne mje mara tu me ne application di q ke bht witness te.sir jese hi ussy pta chala us ne next day mera nam ak FIR me darj krwa dya jo firing se related he.or me 16 dec se is ke khilaf PM or CM…

I have discussion about a serious criminal case. Please help me.

There was a road accident on 24 November in which one death occur but when I checked license was expired on 20 November. I want to know whether expired driving license is valid for court or not,.which section of ppc will be applied 322 or 320.

My father passed away and he was a government employee in LDA And after his death his consul named as rana irfan chambers start black mailing us till date what is the best way to get rid of them?! Police is useless and we are already in courts but nothing working out sadly.

Can police officer release livestock to the complainant? complainant registered the fir of stolen of some goats IO during the investigation recovered the goats from the possession of accused persons now the question is whether IO released the goats to the complainant under bond. ?

A. O. A sir Mery husband jail mai hain last 18 month sy in case of 9c…. Sir un py 2 case hain 1 py recovery hai 1600 gm heroine jis mai unhon ny confess kr Liya hai or 2 saal or 2 month ki saza hui hai. Sir dusra case bht zyada preshan kr…

What is the procedure to close a falsified FIR against us? Already more than one month passed and we have cleared our position to investigation officer. Applicant did not prove his claim of grabbing his land and he is avoiding to appear in front of the police. Can the investigation officer close the FIR by…

I had a friend and he wanted me to marry me but when I came to know that he was previously married and still he has that wife and two children as well then I told him to leave me as I don’t want to marry to any cheat person. He said ok. Then we…

Sir! If a person married with girl and also married with her wife’s sister forcefully. All other relations of girl are also with this person. Now that girl want to take action against. it is wrong according to islam but what is the punishment of this action acording to pakistani law.

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