No one in any part of the world likes to visit court or hire a lawyer for redressal of their grievances, especially in Pakistan. But now a day’s 25 % of common people and 80 % businessmen have to engage a lawyer for suing others or defending their causes.

For a business man, in most circumstances, using legal counsel will be in the context of a transaction or bringing in a key employee etc.  In less pleasant circumstances, it may be in the context of litigation.  In either case, a businessman can make a difference in how effectively he works with legal counsel and in keeping the costs down.  There are some tips which can be very useful if you are engaging a lawyer first time:-

NO.1: HIRE A RIGHT LAWYER: When engaging a lawyer or advocate in Pakistan, be sure to get someone who has experience with your particular type of case.  Many people engage a lawyer without understanding that there are many types of lawyers as per their expertise in the field of law.  The best experience lawyer in his particular field shall be time and money-saving for you. For example, if you select a criminal lawyer for s corporate work (even if he is your friend or close relative) he may waste your precious time and money as well. You may also engage a good lawyer through the internet from reliable websites like, and etc

To find the right lawyer, ask for recommendations from other business owners or friends and then check websites for relevant experience.  When you meet with a potential lawyer, ask lots of questions on the front end and make sure has already handled work similar to yours before you engage him.

NO.2 PRESENT YOUR CLEAR CASE:  Before talking to you’re a lawyer, get organized and make sure you can convey succinctly and clearly what you want to do and when you need it.  Too many clients dive into preliminary conversations or send cryptic e-mails leaving their lawyer confused about what they need.

NO.3  FLAT FEE:  It shall always be better for a client to ask for a flat fee rate including all miscellaneous expenditures. Lawyers know their work very well, so do not accept to pay fee+ misc. expenditures but to do a total fee including all expenditure such as Notices, publication, copies etc.

NO.4 FOLLOW UP: A good client should be careful in for following his own case. Do not always depend on your lawyer but keep in touch with the lawyer with updates on your case, at least a client should know the next date of hearing and short proceedings of the case. The mostly lawyers remain very much busy and they don’t have time to call every client to five then feedback but you should contact a lawyer before and after the hearing case regularly.

NO.5 TRUST YOUR LAWYER: I always suggest that a client should always engage a lawyer through the good reference of friend or relative on whom he can trust. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, you can’t trust on every lawyer in prevailing circumstance. If you like or dislike something how your lawyer is performing, let him know and discuss the same with instead of thinking wrong about him. The dialogue will create a better relationship and service for you. But if you are sure that your lawyer is not much sincere with, without hesitation change your lawyer.

NO.6 CHECK CREDENTIAL OF LAWYER: If you are engaging a lawyer especially through the internet, check the credential of advocate/Lawyer from reliable sources. It can be easily satisfied through a website of Concern Bar councils or Pakistan Bar Council. For example, if you are engaging a lawyer from Punjab, you can check his credential through the website of Punjab Bar Council or may also inquire his credentials through telephone already provided on the website.

 Pak-Lawyer Associates, Lahore, Pakistan hopes that these tips shall be helpful to hire a good lawyer for your case.  If you have any complaint against your lawyer, you have right to file a complaint against him before concern executive committee of bar counsel or file a suit for damages for you lose due to his professional negligence.

With best wishes from

GULL HASSAN KHAN              
Advocate High Court
Pak-Lawyer Associates, 4 Mozang, Road, Lahore Pakistan  

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