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NADRA Marriage Certificate

The Marriage certificate in Urdu is called “Nikah Nama” which is delivered to the spouses at the time of marriage. The “Nikah-Nama” is prepared in four copies, one copy for groom , one for bride , one remain with Nikah registrar and last one is submitted in local union council office for record.

The Civil Registration Management System (CRMS) has been by developed by NADRA for the registration of four vital events i.e: Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce. Now in Pakistan computerized NADRA marriage certificate is also in use along with the original Nikah-Nama in urdu.

The NADRA Marriage Certificate is also mandatory to obtain a new computerized Identity Card (CNIC) from NADRA  for changing of name  your husband or change the marriage status and later to get a new passport.

To apply a visa for any country on the basis of family reunion or to visit your spouse NADRA Marriage Certificate is pr-requisite. The most important thing for preparation of NADRA marriage certificate is the correct spellings according to your CNIC and passport / CNIC of your spouse as minor mistake of a single alphabet letter in Nadra Marriage certificate may be cause of visa refusal.

NADRA Marriage Certificate can be obtained at the time of marriage and also after the marriage at any time.

we at PakLawyer Associates can help you to obtain the NADRA Marriage Certificate in a very short time and It can also be delivered to you through TCS or DHL carrier etc.

The following documents are required to obtain the NADRA Marriage Certificate :-

  • Copy of CNIC of groom
  • Copy of CNIC of bride
  • CNIC copies of  father & mother of bride and groom (or Names only )
  • Copy of Urdu Nikah Nama


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