Nationality for person Married to Pakistani National.

As per Section 10 (2) of Pakistan Citizenship Act 1951,  Foreign Ladies Married to Pakistani Nationals are eligible for citizenship of Pakistan but now Higher courts of Pakistan also allows the same facility to male foreign citizen also.

(Following documents are required other than those mentioned in the form.)

  1. Prescribed application form ‘F’ (in quadruplicate).
  2. An affidavit on Rs.20/- non-judicial stamp paper from the applicant regarding/mentioning detailed facts of the case, duly attested by notary public or magistrate.
  3. A similar affidavit from the husband on Rs.20/- non-judicial stamp paper.
  4. An Affidavit duly supported by documentary evidence about her aggregate stay in Pakistan for a period of 05 years.
  5. Photostat copies of relevant pages of applicant’s foreign passport.
  6. Photostat copy of residential permit/visa.
  7. Photocopy of a marriage certificate.
  8. Photostat copy of domicile certificate of the applicant (in case of the applicant is other than Commonwealth Citizen).
  9. List of close-relations residing(in case of Indian national females).
  10. Photostat copies of Pakistan Citizenship Certificate or any other evidence establishing the husband’s citizenship of Pakistan.
  11. 10 colour photographs with light blue background size 2X1 1/2. One attested on front and one on the back by notary public/magistrate.
  12. Photostat copies of the relevant pages of the Pakistani passport or national identity card of the husband. ( All of the above mentioned documents may be attested by notary public/magistrate except the photographs which have to be attested in a specified manner.)
  13. Bank challan of prescribed amounts Rs.200/-.
  14. Oath of allegiance taken before 1st Class Magistrate (in case the applicant is a citizen other than Commonwealth countries).
  15. Two certificates from two different gazetted Government Officers confirming the date national status of the applicant’s husband. Such certificates must also indicate the date and place of birth of the applicant’s husband and his income.
  16. Applications form can either be submitted to Directorate General Immigration & Passports Islamabad or to the Federal Government (i.e. Ministry of Interior).
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