Acquiring citizenship thru Pakistani wife

I am a British citizen and now married to a Pakistani wife and am now settled in Pakistan and wish to acquire Pakistani citizenship.
Is this possible? I have already resided in Pakistan for a year and wish to reside permanently.
How much will the process cost.

Regards jamil

Nikah Nama column 16

نکاح نامہ کے کالم 16 میں لکھے گئے مکان کو کلیم کرنے کے لیے فیملی کورٹ میں کیس دائر کرنے کی کیا معیاد ہے ؟؟

جبکہ شوہر کے انتقال کو سوا تین سال ہو گئے ہیں تو پھر پہلی بیوی میں سے موجود بچے کیا وہ مکان سوتیلی ماں کے نام کروانے کے پابند ہوں گے یا وراثتی انتقال ہو گا

Fake Case by police

There was a case on us that we stole 1 Lakh Rupees, Fake case BTW, Nothing was stolen but we still gave 1 Lakh because they basically took our father hostage, Now they beat him up and stuff and he wrote that he will give 4 Lakh more on agreement BUT In the agreement it’s also mentioned that the cops can only investigate the father, no other family members, Yet again they arrested our father but then they proceeded to try and break into our house and are STILL teasing us about the case even after they arrested the “culprit”

What should be done about this?

Divorce from a Pakistani Muslim

Divorce from a Pakistani Muslim. I am a non-Muslim woman who is married to a Muslim man from Pakistan. I suspect that he has another wife and a child in his country, which he did not disclose to me. He has also stopped communicating with me. I want to end this marriage and seek a divorce from him. What is the legal process for doing that?

living with unmarried partner

I live in Faisalabad with my partner. We are not married, and we rented an apartment together. I want to know if we have any legal problems because of our living situation.

Decree of marriage date

Salam, we had our marriage done in March 2021. During covid times. Canada does not recognize the date of marriage. I would like to change the date with a decree for a date during the time of our rukhsati December 2021. Please let me know the process and how to go about this.