Asif Bhatti Advocate

Muhammad Asif Bhatti’s illustrious career is marked by a series of strategic associations with distinguished law firms, further enriching his professional journey. In 2007, he joined the esteemed law firm of Justice (R) Mian Aftab Farrukh, a pivotal experience that allowed him to refine his legal skills under the guidance of a seasoned jurist. This early exposure to the intricacies of legal practice served as a solid foundation for Mr. Bhatti’s subsequent achievements in the legal domain.

Building on this foundation, Mr. Bhatti took the next step in 2009 when he became a part of Khawaja Kamal Law Associates. This transition to Khawaja Kamal Law Associates marked a significant phase in his career, exposing him to diverse legal challenges and expanding his expertise across various facets of the law. The experience gained during his tenure with Justice (Retd) Mian Aftab Farrukh’s Law Firm and Khawaja Kamal Law Associates undoubtedly contributed to shaping Mr. Bhatti into the accomplished legal professional he is today.

These formative years of collaboration with distinguished legal entities underscore Mr. Bhatti’s commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. His affiliations with these reputable law firms not only added to his wealth of legal knowledge but also allowed him to establish a reputation for excellence within the legal community.

Muhammad Asif Bhatti’s journey, from joining Justice (R) Mian Aftab Farrukh’s Law Firm in 2007 to his later association with Khawaja Kamal Law Associates in 2009, serves as a testament to his strategic approach to career development and his unwavering dedication to the pursuit of legal excellence. These experiences, combined with his subsequent key role at Pak-Lawyer Associates, collectively contribute to his standing as a distinguished Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan, specializing in constitutional and criminal laws.