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Power of Attorney

There are many types of Power of Attorney,  whereas General Power of attorney and Special Power of Attorney are being  commonly used . Power of Attorney is a legal Document which enables other Person  to act as agent or attorney in-fact for the grantor. The Power of Attorney can act and perform all duties as per the permission of  grantor of power of attorney on his behalf.

Power of Attorney can also be sent from abroad to Pakistan after duly Attestation from Embassy of Pakistan and then it shall be registered accordingly as per law.

Durable POA
• A power of attorney that remains in effect during the grantor’s incompetency. ( Such instruments commonly allow an agent to make healthcare decisions for a patient who has become incompetent.

• General  POA
• An instrument granting someone authority to act as agent or attorney in-fact for the grantor.

• Irrevocable  POA
• A power of attorney that the principal cannot revoke. – Also termed power of attorney coupled with an interest.

• Special POA
• A power of attorney that limits the agent’s authority to only a specified matter.


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