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How to adopt a child from Pakistan.

If you are looking to adopt a child and wondering, how a child is adopted in Pakistan or whether adoption in Pakistan is legal and if so, what is the legal procedure for adoption of a child.? The simple answer to this question is YES, Adoption is allowed and legal in Pakistan. 

Child Adoption laws in Pakistan

The government of Pakistan allows only Muslim Pakistani Nationals (or holders of POC or NICOP) to adopt children from Child protection agencies. A  non-Muslim from Pakistan or abroad may also adopt a non-Muslim child from a Child protection agency. The procedure of adoption is completed through other enabling laws i.e Guardian and wards Act, The Punjab Destitute And Neglected Children Act 2004, etc. Every provincial Government in Pakistan has its statutes for the welfare of destitute and neglected children and also allows its custody to deserving parents and in some cases to a single parent too. You may adopt a child legally in Pakistan in two ways:-


1.             Child Protection and Welfare Bureau :

you may adopt a child directly from the Child protection and welfare bureau  Office. Destitute and neglected children could only be adopted from child protection centers, where the procedure is conducted through the presiding officer, equal to a District and Session Judge. You may file an application directly or through a lawyer for the adoption of a child. You need to convince the presiding officer that you are needy and suitable parents and if the court allows your application, it shall be in the best interest of the adopted child.

Procedure to file Application for Adoption:

You should submit the application as required by the court, indicating your priority, ie the sex or age of the baby you wish to adopt, as well as any other requirements to adopt a baby in Pakistan. Your application file, along with the complete profile of parents and Affidavits should be prepared through a lawyer in Pakistan. The adopting parent must also provide personal information such as occupation, age, religion, income, etc.

Required documents for adoption of a child.

The following documents are required for the adoption of a child through the Child protection bureau court:-

     i.         Copy of CNIC or POC, NICOP

    ii.         Copy of Passport/ Foreign Citizenship Card

  iii.         Recent Passport size Pics of applicant

  iv.         Family Registration Certificate

    v.         Divorce Certificate, if the divorcee

  vi.         Death Certificate, if Widow

vii.         Copies of Academic Transcripts

viii.         Last 3 months Salary slips of Applicant

  ix.         Service Certificate/record

    x.         House/Shop/property registration Deeds etc

  xi.         NTN / Tax Returns / last tax submission receipt

xii.         06 months bank statement

xiii.         Medical Report regarding infertility

xiv.         Police Character Certificate

xv.         Affidavit regarding proof of sufficient source of income

xvi.         Affidavit stating faith as Muslim and belief in Last Prophet. (PBUH)

xvii.         Affidavit from a respectable citizen regarding Character of applicant

xviii.         A property or Defence Saving Certificate of the value of 9000 USD  in the name of the adopted child. (after custody handover to the applicant).

You may contact Pak-Lawyer Associates for preparation of a complete file and application for the adoption of a child from the Child protection bureau.

Caution: A child cannot be adopted from unapproved centers in Pakistan, now only Child Protection Bureau in each province is allowed to hand over the custody of children to adopted parents after the above-mentioned procedure.  

2.             Child Adoption directly from Parents:

you may also adopt a child directly from a willing parent through an adoption deed and then you may get a Guardianship Certificate from Guardian Courts.  

Guardianship Certificate and travel documents / Permission

If you got the custody of an adopted baby, you must file a petition before the Guardian Judge to obtain a guardianship certificate and then permission to travel abroad. After these certificates, you may also get the passport of an adopted baby in your name for travel abroad. A guardianship Certificate is also required by the immigration Authorities, like USA, UK, and Canada for the issuance of visas to the adopted child.

Law Firm for Adoption in Pakistan:

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