Child Custody

Child custody after separation or divorce between husband and wife:

Separation or divorce affects the family circle a great deal. In a case of divorce or separation between spouses, the first ordeal that spouses have to face is the custodianship of minor children. Spouses are naturally inclined with a deep love towards their kids and they tend to utilize all the legal fraternities to acquire the custody of their minor kids. But in this pursuit, both parents ignore the real aspect, which is the welfare of the minor(s) related to his/her mental, physical and emotional levels. Minor kids have to suffer in the fight between the spouses within and outside of court premises.

 Preference to mother by Guardian Courts:

​Guardian courts are the ultimate Guardian of minor children and whenever it’s got the jurisdiction, the paramount consideration remains the welfare of minors. In a case of separation of spouses, courts allow a ​​mother to retain the custody of minor(s) if a male child is under the age of 7 years old and a female child until she gains puberty.

Guardian Court Forum:

​​Guardian Courts is a proper forum for custody of children where after a full trial court award custody of a child to one party and make a ​​visitation schedule for the other party.

The procedure of Guardian Courts:

Guardian Court procedure is simple but sometimes it became lengthy due to aggression or bad conduct of parties. During the proceeding of court, Petitioner submits the custody petition before court, court summons the respondent party and asked for a reply within 15 days. After submission of a reply in the shape of a written statement, the court fixes a date for reconciliation within 15 days and tries for reconciliation between the parties. If reconciliation fails, then the court calls the evidence of the petitioner and allows the respondent to cross-examine the witnesses and vice versa evidence of respondent in the same way. After evidence final arguments again, one try for reconciliation, and then court announced its judgment.

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How to get custody of children after divorce. ? 

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