Pakistani Visa & Immigration

Pak-Lawyer Associates also offers its services relating to Pakistani Visa and Immigration; The most commonly Laws and Rules which mainly govern the Policy and Procedures pertaining to Immigration are:
Pakistan citizenship Act 1951. (PCA 1951)
Naturalization Act 1926. (NA 1926)
Pakistan citizenship Rules 1952. (PCR 1952

The National Database and Registration Authority ordinance 2000 (NADRA)

Pak-Lawyer Associates immigration services include:-

  1. E-Pakistani Visa and Immigration
  2. Renunciation of Pakistan Citizenship
  3. Citizenship for Ladies Married to Pakistani Nationals.
  4. Citizenship on the basis of investment
  5. Citizenship by Descent
  6. Business visa and invitation
  7. Visa Extension
  8. Spouse Visa
  9. Invitation Letter
  10. Renunciation of Pakistan Citizenship

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