As per Section 10 (2) of Pakistan Citizenship Act 1951,  Foreign Ladies Married to Pakistani Nationals are eligible for citizenship of Pakistan but now Higher courts of Pakistan also allows the same facility to male foreign citizen also. (Following documents are required other than those mentioned in the form.) Prescribed application form ‘F’ (in quadruplicate)….

PLJ 2017 Lahore 14 Present: Ali Baqar Najafi, J. Mst. RUKHSANA BIBI, etc.–Petitioners versus GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN, etc.–Respondents W.P. No. 5939 of 2006, decided on 18.5.2016. Constitution of Pakistan, 1973– —-Art. 25–Human right–Right of woman to marry–No discrimination–Right of a woman to marry of her own choice is basic human right and to acknowledge that…


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