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I have got bank loan 1.7 M out of sanction amount 1.9 M from HBL bank for business. unfortunately my business stuck down and i have to shifted canada with my family in 2000, during 2000, bank go to the court and gotten decree against me of 2.7 M. Here in pakistan no one that defend the case. In 2001 i have contact to bank and asked about recovery. Bank agree for settlement on 1.9M. i have deposited 1.9 M into my account but bank did not clear me. how ever next court sending me the notices, and one two time auction, that they self delay. how ever at last in 2012 court order of auction again then bank told me that deposit 0.3 M more to close the file i have arrange sudden for stop the auction and give more 0.3 M. but the is continue. How ever 2016 when banking court again issue to notice of arrest then i have pointed a person here in pakistan who can handle the case, He told the court that we have paid 1.9 M in 2001 and 0.3M in 2012 but bank has not given any update to bank about our depositing money. how ever court order the bank and us to give the prove. on 15 March 2016 bank given the statment that we have deposited 2.2 M but as per court order their interest will be continue and our bank payable amount 2.2 M more. then our case will close.
when the judge ask that you cannot make interest more on decree . Bank lower told that this low implement on 2001 and this case is continue as per order 2000. The judge told us to pay now 2.2 M more otherwise i will order of auction again. what is suggestion now what i have to do?


  1. as per provided information it seems that the bank has committed fraud with you and also with court. you already paid a much more than actual amount, no need to pay more. I think you should challenge the order of court for auction before high court. as earlier HBL bank made a agreement for settlement with mutual consent , so now they cant again ask for more recovery. you may contact us for more information at _ 92 335 90 99 100.

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