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Aoa, Gentlemen, I am 45 years old educated male physically challenged (crippled due to polio), self-made successfully running my own travel agency. I need your expert opinion on my case which is a deception by a female staff who belongs to a poor family background. This 23 years old girl was hired in 2012 as an office coordinator trainee, in just a few days she started adoring me which was noticed by me & I respected her feelings for me. She literally proposed me for marriage after 02 weeks & it was shocking to me. She kept flirting & expressing that she loves me & willing to marry me. I told her that I was married years ago & 03 years after the marriage I divorced that lady due to many reasons & I have two daughters. She said no issue she still loves me & willing to be my wife. She was at 3rd number among 05 sisters & her eldest 02 sisters were still single & due to that reason, she forbade me to send the proposal to her family. She said let the first 02 sisters get engaged & upon her turn, I can send a proposal. I said your parents may not accept me because of many reasons that I’m older than you, I’m physically crippled, & I have 02 daughters then she aggressively replied that she will fight for me & she will make it possible as long as I keep her happy. Then she got close & certainly I started taking care of her like my future wife. She started taking advantages & I kept giving open heartedly. She asked my help that she is willing to do MBA but she can’t get admission & then I met the vice chancellor of the university & got her admission & she started MBA in evening class. I started giving her fee & pocket money other than the monthly salary which according to her for her family support. I was happy & excited & she was deeply involved in me & so do I. I met her family a year later when I returned from abroad & I bought many gifts for her & her family. I then invited her family to a dinner & then I became close to her family too. In 2015 she planned a trip to Nathia Gali with me & her mother & a sister, we went to Nathia Gali & Ayubia & her mother said that I must buy some property for her as a security, even just a 03 marla plot anywhere around the city. I said ok I will do that & I then bought a 10 marla house in Islamabad for her in 2016. Days kept passing & I kept following her commands & laid down all the other staff upon her command & After 04 years of relationship I noticed her lacking interest in me & lack of communication from her side was noticed. I then checked her call records & found that she was communicating with someone else till late nights. She never knew that I may check her call records because her sim was given by me & it was in my name. When I asked her she denied & then I spied on her activities & found her dating a guy & I caught her on the act from the flat of that male. It was an uncontrollable situation for me but I controlled myself & went back to the office where she followed me & she begged my apologies & sought forgiveness & I forgave her on a condition that she won’t ever do such thing again. It was the final semester of her MBA & the final exam was started. She stopped coming to office due to the renovation work was going on in my office, I kept an eye on her call records & found another number of a male in her frequent contacts. I kept saying to stop what she is doing & focus on studies, but she never stopped her communication to that male. After her exam, she texted me that she can’t marry me & her family has decided to marry her with her relative in Sargodha & then she went to Sargodha & she blocked my number. This was not acceptable for me & I searched the guy that she said she will marry him & I texted that guy not to marry her as she is committed to me. After 02 months when she returned from Sargodha she texted me why did I ruin her Rishta with her relative by telling him our stories? I then said why did you deceive me? Then she changed her number & when I approached her father & family they dealt with me like a stranger & said to go away & not to contact them again. Now since then, I am in great emotional condition & unable to manage my life. I suffered a lot since this deception. She owes me more than 9 lac rupees & almost 05 years of emotional relationship which has caused severe damages to my health & business.
Kindly advise how can I deal with them legally?


  1. Sir, law cant help u out for an emotional relationship but you may file a recovery suit against your ex Employee for many causes those could be submitted to the civil court. It ll be much better if you could visit us at our office for detail consultation.

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