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I joined a Bank and signed a 3 year employment bond, but I resigned after 5 months. Bank send me a legal notice to pay the bond amount but i never responded. Now, almost 1.5 years after my resignation, I received a letter from court to appear before judge because that bank have launched a recovery suit against me in court. I didn’t respond to that letter and never appeared in court, now five month have passed. What are the consequences of this? should I contact a lawyer or its too late now? and can bank sue me for more amount than the bond amount? because it was a Rs.300,000 employment bond, but now bank is suing me for almost Rs.800,000, by stating that they have suffered losses of Rs.500,000 because of me. Can that bank claim more amount that the amount which was stated in bond? Please guide me what should I do now.


  1. you should contest the recovery suit through a lawyer otherwise same ll be decree ex-parte and it ll cause much difficulties for always have right to select occupation and to avail good opportunists , on these ground you may contest the case.

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