I am Syed Ahsan Ali. I'm 20 years old. we have been living in a flat since 1992. my father was a doctor, he died in 2010. he makes a verbal contract with my landlord and agreed upon 1700 rupees rent and the rent up goes to 3000 until his death. after his death, our landlord and we didn't contact for 1 year. then he sent us to notice that we owed him rent from 2007 till that date but my father paid him all the amount. then my mother and my uncle visited the landlord and negotiated with him that there are no more dues on us and he agreed on that than after that we paid him the amount of 20000 and then after every few months, we paid him a collective rent of 20000 30000 and so on. and now last year he again sent us to notice to pay the past amount from 2007. and he came to our home and tell us to evacuate the flat because he was selling it. then we again tell him that we didn't have to pay any amount. then we start to pay the rent in the court through our neighbour lawyer and now our landlord sued my mother to evacuate the flat and to pay rent from 2007. and in that copy of case that we got from the court, he mentions that he makes increment in the rent every year and increases it up to 7000 and shows a total amount of 5lac to be paid.

now please tell me what should we do. how can we get out of it and how many extensions can we get for residing in this flat.

Saturday, April 21st, 2018 by fahsanb