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Sir, I am working in a semi Govt. Public School of Faisalabad which is governed by City Commisoinarie for the past 13 years, I applied for Umrah leave on 07-02-2017. I had no knowledge of Ex-Pak leave for Umrah. I wanted to avail leave from 13-02-2017. 10-2-2017 was my last day at school before going to perform Umrah. School Headmistress presented me gift on the behalf of school and let me go for leave with prayers. She didn’t intimate me or gave no information regarding my application status. I went to Karachi by train, since i am going through a travel agency of Karachi.we reached Karachi on 14-02-17. on 16-02-17, we left the Karachi for Jeddah. When I came back from my Umrah, school admin informed me telephonically that your leave is over and come to join college. I joined college and they said me to submit joining report.I did so. On 10-04 -2017, I received a letter from Principal that your leave was not sanctioned by Board of Governors. He attached a copy of that letter but there was just one statement that call her explanation, why she applied so late and send us report and that’s all. This letter from BOG was issued on 15-02-2017. But my school didn’t inform me at that time, I was in Karachi at that time, I could come back but the school dint inform me about this explanation and called my explanation after 2 months by saying that your leave was not approved and explain us how u availed your Umrah Leave. When I gave explanation as I wrote. Principal said that I am not satisfied by your explanation, since You are a very ignorant person who doesn’t know the rules and regulations of the institution in which you are working from past 13 years and school doesn’t require such an ignorant person. He asked me to write for personal hearing. Please help me what should I do? Moreover Principal is not happy with me because i couldn’t attend his meeting once. I am very much worried, I really had no knowledge regarding Ex-Pak leave and I was going for the first time for Umrah/ out of country. Please help me and guide me. I will be really thankful for this act of kindness.


  1. You case is very simple don’t change the stance…. You applied for leave , leave was granted and for formalities same sent to final approval to BOG. School’s principle happily said goodbye. So, if school administration issued a show cause notice , it should be reply through a lawyer. and if there is any inquiry committee is constituted you could challenge the same before high court and get a stay order meanwhile.

  2. 18/04/2017

    If your was forwarded by head of your institute then the administration has to approve your leave as your service is more than 5 years and as per leave rules 1981. So when you had already join service and if the administration did not raise any objection they couldn’t initiate any proceedings so you shouldn’t worry just join the proceedings wothout joining a lawyer on surface however if authority pass any order against you then engage a lawyer for appeal to services tribunal if required but hopefully authority must not pass an order against you

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