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My Father is a man who like to torture any one who is within his grasp both mentally and physically (if the circumstance allows ) and I and my family (mother and brothers) have been victim of his torture since i was 10 years old and each passing month his torture increases ten fold.
I am 25 years old and now as my father can no longer harm me physically and he is hell bent on harming me mentally by reporting to the police and CPLC and trying to send me to jail by false accusation that i have stole his property and stole his credit card and his identification and has even discussed with a lawyer about filling a case against us to reclaim all the gifted property from my mother and all family member from my father side support him and manipulate him by giving him inappropriate advice.
i need help so i can safeguard my mother and my brothers. Help is needed


  1. What kind of action you want to take, please email us in details at

    Gifts once given can not be taken back.

    on the other hand your mother and brother has same remedy to file a police complaint against him.

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