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I need your help in a legal matter regarding meeting of minor. Court decision is in favour of mother (minor custody is with mother) as minor is having the age of 3 yrs however meeting is scheduled for father once in a month now i seek your kind guidance should a mother need to visit with child in a court every month for meeting or anyone from mother’s side can take child to court for get a meeting with father. And if anyone else from mother side can take child to court is there any complications then. One more think is that mother has not lodged any case regarding child maintenance. Your advice will be highly helpful for us


  1. father meeting has been scheduled with the minor and not with the mother, so minor can visit court with anyone.

    father is bound to provide maintenance for a minor child in any case, if mother not filed a case for maintenance, she may file it at any time with a previous one upto 3 years.

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