Question :

My daughter custody is in my hand but I have to take my daughter to court after every 2 weeks to meetup with his father although I m taking care of her all expenses he is submitting 4000rs. In court after every 6 months not on monthly basis. My question is, is there any way that I can stop this meet up as he is not the good person by character and I don’t want my child to meet with such person who never love both of us when we were together at that I also bearing all expenses and i was bearing his expenses too. please help me to end this meet up process I will be very thankful to you.


  1. It seems that you do not act upon on the advice of your lawyer.

    Father is bound to maintain her daughter according to his source of income and living standard of her daughter. as your lawyer to challenge the maintenance paid by the father and get it increased. If father refused to pay the maintenance on each month then the monthly meeting may be cancelled. otherwise, it is the fundamental right of a father to meet her daughter if he fulfils his obligations. Hope you understand the answer.

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