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My Father payed Rs. 2,550,000 for a house in Faisal colony chaklala rawalpindi to my uncle. But he didn’t transfer registry and possession to my father. He waited 2 years for possession and registry but uncle was very smart to trap someone. and my father passed away in 2015 and it was the biggest tension for him before he died. leaving behind legal hiers 4 children, widow, and both parents. My grand Parents are totally in control of my uncle who is already a victim of clear fraud with my father. now instead of giving possession and registry of that house for which my father payed they are claiming more as per share of my grandparents from my father’s inheritance. They forcefully occupied another house which already on the name of my father in the name of my parents share which is rented and my uncle is collecting that rent. I want to know what is my legal status in this situation as i am losing 2 houses in the name of parents legal share in my father’s inheritance. these 2 houses amounting to about 60% of my father’s assets instead of 33% legal share of my grandparents. can i get justice If i go for Court case? Being a student i cannot follow and afford to much fee of court and legal adviser. if someone is willing to help me in legal proceeding. i will be very thankful.


  1. Its an illegal occupation , you may file a police complaint for this illegal occupation in second case.

    for you first case, who is the owner of house in registry of that house. …?

    if any property is in your father name , no once deprived you from that even if same came from inheritance.

    Its better to visit our Rawalpindi office to discuss the same in details. thanks

  2. 08/06/2017

    that is joint registry on the name of my both uncle. 4 years back they were about to sale that house and decided to divide the money. but after receiving payment of Rs 2,500,000 from my father, they didn’t transfer as per the agreement. after death of my father they gave me many alternate solutions on which i was also agree but that was again another fraud. i want to visit a legal adviser to discuss the matter in details.

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