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Dear Sir,
Im (66) living at Rawalpindi with my second wife. I had gift transferred a plot alloted to me by Army in DHA Lahore to my first wife(67) who is issue-less.. Subsequently I constructed a house in which my first wife was living.All the luggage lying in the house except her jahaiz belongs to me. I used to go and stay with her once every two three months.

Someone defrauded her and got the house transferred in his name on 02 SEP.When I came to know of it on 08/10/15 ,the purchaser party abducted my wife and is keeping her in habeas.I submitted an application in PS Chung to register FIR.The police refused to do that on the pretext that they are in touch with my wife on telephone.They have got a statement recorded in judicial magistrate attributed to her saying that she is living-with her free will with relatives and that she is not abducted by anybody. I maintain that she is saying or doing all this under threat.

I gave a habeas petition in the ASJ court. He issued bailiff twice for recovery of my wife . The police is not making her recovery as they are in league with the purchaser. The ASJ has now given bailiff in the name of SSP for her recovery.The order says that the purchaser should be arrested and with his pointation the woman should be produced for statement in the court on 28th Oct.I have my reservations that they will do so.

In the meantime my wife has submitted an application in the family court at SheikupurA TEH fEROZEWALA FOR kHULA. She.She is doing all this under their threats.

Please guide me how to proceed from now onward.
All the documents pertaining to purchase of plots are lying in the luggage placed in the house. The purchaser have occupied the house while my luggage is lying inside.I have requested the DHA administration to give me a copy of the documents of the house for civil suit,but they have refused.I have submitted an application to the DHA administrator about all this matter,but they have not taken any action.



  1. its seems that you have very good emotions and feelings for your wife….. legally you have already gifted the property to your wife and gifts can not be taken back.

    your wife is not a child now, they ll definitely produce her before court of law and she ll be free to make her choice there. you may also seek some time in session court to talk to her privately.

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