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I am looking for an advice or recommendation about the dispute over property among three brothers (Ahmed – eldest, Khalid – younger and Jasim – youngest). The property was under the authority of Ahmed (eldest brother) and he has equally distributed the property to the brothers. But Ahmed has not legally transferred the property to Khalid only because Khalid was a drug addict and Ahmed is worried that Khalid would sell off his property for drugs, which would affect the family of Khalid at the end.

My own recommendation: let Ahmed and Khalid have a joined agreement over Khalid’s property (for 10 years) until Khalid children’s grows up and then Khalid can have full authority over his property. Until then he can even get his medical treatment done.

Any other advice or recommendation please do share with me. Your advice might save a broken family.


  1. The property could be transferred in the name of children of Khalid and their mother may be appointed as Guardian of minors to look after the property matters,

  2. 18/10/2018

    Dear Gull Hassan,

    We have thought about that also but then he can force his children, who is just 10 years old and their mother to transfer the property back to his name, which might create more issues. Any other solutions ?

    Your response is Appreciated.

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