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Divorce from a Pakistani Muslim. I am a non-Muslim woman who is married to a Muslim man from Pakistan. I suspect that he has another wife and a child in his country, which he did not disclose to me. He has also stopped communicating with me. I want to end this marriage and seek a divorce from him. What is the legal process for doing that?


  1. If you are a Non-Muslim wife who is married to a Pakistani Muslim and you want to end your marriage, you have the legal right to do so in Pakistan. You can seek the help of a professional lawyer from Pak-Lawyer Associates (, a reputable law firm that specializes in family law cases. They can file a divorce petition on your behalf in the Family Court and handle all the legal formalities for you. You do not have to be physically present in Pakistan to pursue your case. You can appoint a Special Power of Attorney to act on your behalf and give your testimony through Ecourt/ Zoom, a secure online platform that connects you with the court. The divorce process will take approximately 30 to 45 days, depending on the circumstances of your case. After the completion of the process, you will receive a divorce decree from the Family Court and a divorce certificate from the relevant Union Council after Iddah Period, which is the waiting period prescribed by Islamic law. For more information, please contact us at or call us at +92 321 4610092. We are here to assist you with your legal needs and protect your rights.

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