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My husband is very abusive verbally. He has broken alot of my things and twice he abused me physically as well. I got married 4 months back and lived with him for 2 months, he is jobless at the moment and lives in abu dhabi with his parents. Beacause of his continous pressure i forgave him my remaining amount of haq mehr; which was 9 lac 85 thousand PKR. I am 5 months pregnant but due to his constant abusive behaviour and character accusation i ve decided to file a divorce case. I need to know about the cusdoty of my child and his maintence. Also will i get any maintence? What can be the possible challenges for me. Pls guide. Thanks


  1. Yes, right now u can file a suit for recovery of Haq Mehar. recovery of dowry articles and your maintenance. Child maintenance can be claimed after his birth .

    you can deny from relinquishing the haq mehar and may claim it now.

    dont worry for the custody of child, it ll remain with you.

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