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I’m 17. This happened in Karachi, Pakistan. When I was about 6/7-8/9, I manipulated my cousin who was 2 years younger than me to do sexual things. nothing penetrative, just coercing them to get naked, touching buttocks. one of my younger cousins (aged maybe 2-4) was there too but he was never involved physically, he just watched. I made it seem like it was a game. I want to apologise to both. The actual problem is this: I fear that they or their parents might press charges for what happened and I may go to prison because the age of criminal responsibility in Pakistan is 7. Can I go to prison for this? the last thing is to do with my male cousin. he’s one year older, I was 5 at the time so he was 6. I coerced him into doing sexual things as well once or twice. again, no penetration, just coercing, touching buttocks, etc. again, I want to apologise to him as well sincerely. but again, I’m worried that I can go to prison for this so my question is: Can I go to prison for this?


  1. It seems that you were not in the age of puberty, So, no crime regarding sexual assault has been committed. They may have forgotten the same but if you want to do the right thing , it may be a shameful thing to them , so it should be avoided. if you need any further consultation/counseling please call us at 0321 4610092.

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