I have a query about marrying a foreigner woman. If a person of Pakistan nationalist working in a federal governing department ( e.g, Highway police inspector or customs officer ) and wants to marry a woman ( she will convert to Islam) from Russia Federation, so is it allowed in Pakistan constitution? and how easy or difficult it is? , and please guide the process if it is allowed, from marriage until getting the nationality of Pakistan for the wife.

Your help will really be appreciated. Thank you,

Sunday, September 16th, 2018 by sohaib.uchiha


  1. Yes, marrying a foreigner woman is allowed and the procedure is very simple. Visa of the wife shall be extended from time to time and After 5 years of marriage, your wife ll get the Nationality of Pakistan. you may get the services of our law firm for economical and hassel free procedure.

  2. Thank you sir for your reply. I just want to confirm that even if the person is serving in a federal department like i mentioned in my question, the procedure is same?