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My husband divorced me after 3 months of our marriage because of his first wife and his parent’s pressure… At the time of marriage, he did not disclose it that he is already married and his wife pregnancy.. He has a baby now of one month old… Even he wrote in nikah nama that he is unmarried and I am his first wife.. It was disclosed after a month of my marriage.. He asked me not to disclose to his first wife about it.. But when it was disclosed to his first wife about our marriage he divorced me immediately on phone… He lives in lahore and I Iive in karachi… Even he didn’t allow me to stay with him in his house after our marriage.. I just went there in inlaws once after my nikah for just 4,5 days.. Then he didn’t allow after that… I want him to be punished for this misguidance as he ruined my life.. And I want my dowry from him that he wrote in nikah nama… Kindly suggest me what to do now?


  1. where nikkah was registered ….?

    Is there only Dower or any dowry articles were given from your parents…?

    you have 3 option:.
    1. Get registered an FIR against him for fraudulent marriage and providing false information in a public document.
    2. SUit for damages for mental torture and social life loss etc.
    3. and obviously, you have every right to claim Dower amount mention in Nikah Nama or if there is any Dowry before Family Court at Lahore (if marriage was registered in Lahore otherwise Karachi).
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  2. 30/05/2018

    Nikah was registered in Karachi. Hd came to Karachi. Further dowry was not given by my mother bcz she was in iddat of my father’s death.. Only mehar raqam was decided.

  3. 31/05/2018

    How did he divorce you…?

    is there any Notice and divorce deed on stamp papers sent to you through post …?

    Did he informed your union council regarding divorce…?

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