I am wondering if a Pakistani man from Peshawar married someone about 4 yrs ago without any documentation now married someone else from the US and stated he was divorced by the taliq and stated he doesn’t need divorce paperwork because there was no marriage paperwork. He also has a child. I need to be sure he is actually divorced. Can you please help me find out for sure if he Is divorced from his Pakistan wife as I don’t practice polygamy.

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019 by anitasollars7


  1. No, its not possible if he had a child then the child should have been registered on his name, so he ll be a married person in NADRA record. Second marriage is not permissible in the USA , so he cants marry without a divorce certificate from Union council duly attested by Ministry of foreign affairs. please email us at ghkmayo@paklawyer.com for more details or WhatsApp +92 3214610092.