Question :

I have property on my name.
A relative who I have never authorized in any manner (no letter of attorney or any written or verbal authorization),
signed a biyana (token) with his signature and thumb over my name
with some third party selling the property at almost half its market value without my knowledge.
He also deposited the token money (1/12 of market value) in my account without my consent.
Now the both the relative and third party have filed suit for specific performance in civil courts to force me to sell them at half price.
How should I peruse the case, any suggestions ?


  1. No need to get worried, first of all engage a lawyer directly or contact us for our services to contest the suit. your case is much clear, no one has right to sell the property with out a registered Power of attorney. then file an application for registration of criminal case for fake signatures on your behalf and a clear intention of fraud with connivance of each other.

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