Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

Pakistan Origin Card (POC) program endeavours to provide eligible foreigners with unprecedented incentives to get back to their roots; while ensuring that the motherland remains tightly integrated with expatriates worldwide which include:

  • Visa-free entry into Pakistan
  • Indefinite stay in Pakistan
  • Exemption from foreigner registration requirements
  • Permission to purchase and sell property
  • Right to open and operate bank accounts

Documents Required: 
Valid Copy of Foreign Passport AND (Surrendered Pakistani Nationality) Applicant’s Pakistani ID (NIC/NICOP/Passport etc.).

End Note:

Copy of NIC/NICOP (If original card is held then must be returned to NADRA HQ).
An applicant will have to apply cancellation of NIC/CRC/NICOP prior to processing of POC application if age is greater than 21 years.
Foreign national applicants (who do not possess Pakistani Nationality) should attach an affidavit with their application.
Foreign national applicants who possess Pakistani nationality (dual nationals) are recommended to apply for NICOP or provide renunciation certificate.

(Pakistani Parent’s/Grandparents ) NIC/POC/NICOP/Passport of Parents/ Grandparents. AND Document (s) to establish relationship with them (birth certificate/educational documents/etc.)

(Relative of Pakistani National: brother/sister/aunt/uncle) NIC/POC/Passport of the relative AND statement of the relative that establishes relationship with the applicant

(Spouse of Pakistani) Attested copy of marriage certificate AND NIC/NICOP/Passport of the Pakistan national Spouse AND Your parents are of Pakistani origin or ever held Pakistani nationality. AND affidavit.
End Note:

A marriage certificate is required to be attested from Pakistan embassy/ mission/ consulate/ foreign office.

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