Question :

My company forced me to sign the following surety bond:

I hereby undertake on this_____day of _______________, 2015/16, that I, Mr_________________________ S/o Mr._________________________ CNIC No__________________________ resident of __________________________________________________________, presently employed as _______________________________with Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited at Head Office, Islamabad , to indemnify Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited against all expenses (Stipend, Bonuses etc) incurred on my apprenticeship training, if I leave the service of the company before completion of apprenticeship training and after regular hiring, as given below:-
(a) During apprenticeship training, I shall pay full expenditures incurred on my training.
(b) In case of regular hiring after completion of apprenticeship training, four years’ service will be mandatory. If resigned during this period, I am bound to pay following amounts to the Company:-
1) Before Completion of one year service – Rs. 400,000/-
2) After Completion of one year service – Rs. 300,000/-
3) After Completion of two years service – Rs. 200,000/-
4) After Completion of three years service – Rs. 100,000/-
5) After Completion of four years service – NIL

Date: _______________ Signature: _____________________
Place: _______________ Name:________________________
P No:_________________________
CNIC No:_____________________


I have resigned recently in order to pursue higher education and my company now has not given me my last 2 month’s paycheck and security. More over they’re telling me to return all the salaries they have given me, even though I was forced to work for more than 10 hours 5 (often 6) days a week. Isn’t this illegal, as in like bonded labor? Also if I do not return my salaries (which was my right), what can they do about it?


  1. after how much time you resigned. They cant claim the already paid salaries. but as per agreement you which was make by your free will, you are bound to pay back the surety amount.

    if they send you a legal notice then you should contact a lawyer.

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