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Please help me.I am basically from Lahore .I was married to a Dr from Lahore. We are living in UK Scunthorpe.We are in trouble since beginning of our marriage.We have a daughter together.he abused me in UK .he brought me here in Lahore and abused me again. Now I am with my parents ,they have taken my daughter and my passport and all documents. What should I do ? I want to get divorce .my parents are not very influential as my in-laws .I am really worried . my daughter is not fine . plz helpp me.I am Dr myself. But I am not standing any where.


  1. please do not waste precious time and immediately engage a Lawyer and file a habious petition for recovery of your daughter. you can also file an application before FIA for recovery of your passports. You can get divorce easily through Family court . if you need a lawyer , you can consult us at +92 335 90 99 100.

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