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I divorced my first wife through chairman Union council. I pronounced and issues notice of one talaaq and on completion of 90 days chairman UC announced that talaaq had become effective. From my first wife, I’ve a daughter who is in custody of her mother. After divorce I married again. In my second nikah nama I’ve mentioned I’m a divorcee. Now for the sake of our daughter, me and my first wife want to be together again. Is there any chance that I can revoke my talaq nama?


  1. If it was one Talaq then you may contract a Nikkah with same women again even after expiry of 90 days. One talaq always remains one and any man can contract a fresh nikkah again without an intervening marriage.

    If you want to cancel the earlier divorce certificate, then your wife may apply for its cancellation before High Court. you may contact us for further consultation.

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