Question :

I am a working lady from Pakistan and currently in UAE.

I just gave birth to a child and my husband who is working with me in UAE as well as abusive and involved in domestic violence. I would like to take khulla from him. I want to know what will be the procedure, moreover who will have the custody of the child. What will happen if I intend to remarry in coming years, will the custody go back to my husband.

I would also like to clarify that I’m financially stronger than him in terms of capital savings and monthly income in Dubai.


  1. you may file a divorce case through your lawyer in Pakistan, you ‘ll have to visit Pakistan to appear before the court for one time only. If you don’t want to visit Pakistan then you may appoint your any relative as special power of attorney to act on your behalf in court.
    you did not tell us, you have son or daugher.?

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