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Assalam o Aliakum. I was born in Japan. my date of birth in my birth certificate (japan ) is 23/08/1997. I did my matric in 2013, my date of birth in my DMC is 23/07/1997. I saw it on the DMC and asked the school to help me get my DOB changed at that time because it will cause a lot of problems in the future as my Japanese birth certificate has my original DOB. They didn’t cooperate. They asked me that it cant be changed so you should now use the DOB that is on your matric certificate. I changed my DOB from B form, NIC, Passport to the wrong one 23/07/1997. Now I am going back to Japan by applying a VISA from there (my father lives there) but as my DOB from the birth certificate don’t match my passport and Cnic, they will not accept this. How can I change my DOB in matric certificate, CNIC, passport to my Japan Birth certificate? I need help from a lawyer to file a case. Please Help.


  1. You have chosen the wrong way for correction. Now there is only one way left, get a declaration decree from the civil court. It ll take 3 to 4 months. you may contact our law firm for this service.

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