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Hello, I am writting with good heart to you.
We are 3 daughters and 1 brother. My father passed away leaving land of 200 acres. We got to knew that our brother did something pathetic and in papers it is shown maybe that LAND IS EITHER SOLD OR GIFTED to him by our father.|

In this manner i as daughter want to ask that under which ordinances and law can i claim my share if it is proved that father has GIFTED his property to SON before his death and what can happen if he shows that father has SOLD property to him.

This case is for Sindh, Pakistan.


  1. Inheritance to daughters has been provided by Almighty Allah. If your brother has deprived you of inheritance in any way, even if it was shown as a sale deed. You may claim your right before Civil court through a simple suit of declaration. If there is any fraud, you may also file an FIR before the police as the same is an offense now in Pakistan. Section 498A Pakistan Penal Code makes it unlawful to deprive a woman of her rightful inheritance through deceitful or illegal means at the time of opening of succession; such action being punishable by imprisonment for a term of 14 years or a fine or both.

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