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Respected Sir/ Madam,
I made a deal to purchase a property. I paid token money and wrote an agreement on simple paper and seller and witness signed and imposed thumb impressions. It was decided that after one week some more amount will be given to seller and proper agreement (ashtam) will be written. But on that day they refused. What is perspective if i go to court and file a suit to complete the deal. Please help me and guide me. Thanks.


  1. file suit for specific performance in civil courts. you have right to get back your double token money or agreement to be fulfilled.

  2. 04/09/2016

    Sir, thanks for urgent reply and guidance. It is not mentioned in the agreement that seller can backout by giving double token money. I want to buy that property in any condition. What do you see about the result if i file suit for specific performance. My witnesses are strong and i also have video recording of the deal. Thanks in advance.

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