How to get Khula


To get Khula from Family Court is very easy and convenient for a wife. If you have finally decided to get a decree of dissolution of marriage (on the basis of Khula) first get legal advice from a Lawyer.

To know the procedure of Khula in detail, you may consider the following points;-

    1. Engage a lawyer for Khula / Divorce Decree.  Engage a Family Lawyer for your case and discuss your matter in detail, especially contents of the Nikkah Nama, Child Custody, maintenance and Dowry articles etc.
    2. Reason for Khula.  No specific reason or Grounds are necessary for taking Khula decree from court. Any women may take khula simply on the basis of hate from her husband . She may simply say that she dont like her husband and that’s all.
    3. Filing of suit for Khula before Family Court. Your Lawyer shall prepare a suit for dissolution of marriage on the basis of khula and you shall sign the suit and Power of attorney/Wakalat Nama. Your lawyer shall file the suit and same shall be referred to a family Judge on the next day.
    4. Issuance of Notices to Husband.  The court shall issue the notices through Registered AD/TCS Courier and Publication in a newspaper for the appearance of defendant / Husband and fix a date for his appearance and written statement not more than 15 days.
    5. Written Statment. The defendant / Husband shall file a written statement on the fixed date and the court shall fix a date for reconciliation between parties.
    6. Reconciliation and Judgment.  On the fixed date of hearing, if reconciliation fails court shall straightaway issue the decree of khula. The Court shall also order to the husband to pay the outstanding Dower amount if any.
    7. Divorce Certificate from Union Council.  You shall get the certified copy of Judgment from court. And then you shall give the Notice of Divorce to concern Union council. The Chairman UC / Arbitration Council is bound to issue the effectiveness of divorce certificate within 90 days.