Adoption in Pakistan

Many people wonder how a child is adopted in Pakistan or whether adoption in Pakistan is legal. The answer to this question is that adoption in Pakistan is legal, but there is no specific law in Pakistan in this regard.

laws in Pakistan

Adoption in Pakistani laws allowed indirectly through other laws because there is no specific law in Pakistan for adoption of a child.  However, you may adopt a child legally in Pakistan in two ways:-

Child Protection and Welfare Bureau :

you may adopt a child directly from Child protection and welfare bureau  Office or through a Guardian Court. Infant beings for adoption in Pakistan can only be brought to recognized centers or through child protection centers where procedures are conducted through the president. You must then continue with your case and convince him that you are a couple who are suitable to adopt a baby in Pakistan.

Before going to court, you must submit your complete profile indicating your priority, ie the sex or age of the baby you wish to adopt, as well as any other requirements to adopt a baby in Pakistan. A complete file must be prepared by a lawyer in Pakistan, on which your application is based. The adopter must also provide personal information such as occupation, age, religion, income, etc. A child cannot be adopted from unapproved centers in Pakistan. This is only possible through approved centers in Pakistan, such as Edhi, SOS Village etc. There are only a few government-approved agencies in Pakistan from which you can adopt a child in Pakistan after you have Meet the conditions for adoption. Once your lawyer in Pakistan has processed the entire case, you will receive a certificate of adoption in Pakistan, the only evidence in Pakistan.

Directly from Parents:

you may also adopt a child directly from parents through an adoption deed and then its declaration from a civil Court. After obtaining a declaration Decree in your favour, you may get a Guardian Certificate and Travel permission from Guardian Court.

Adoption Procedure in Pakistan

If you already have a baby, you do not have to go to the specific center in Pakistan. If you have an adopted baby, you must file a petition before the Guardian Judge to obtain a guardianship certificate. Most couples who adopt a baby in Pakistan prepare a certificate of adoption in Pakistan and believe that they have completed the adoption, but legally, adoption in Pakistan cannot be based solely on this certificate in Pakistan. In Pakistan, an adopted baby can only be adopted by filing a Guardianship petition through a competent Family Lawyer in Pakistan.  The process in Pakistan can be done through PAK LAWYER Associates because we have experts lawyers for such cases in Pakistan. The Process would be faster and the adoption procedure in Pakistan could be completed quickly. If you are interested to adopt a child from Pakistan, do call us and we will guide you accordingly.

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