That I was working as SENIOR REGISTRAR CARDIOLOGY AT NOWSHERA MEDICAL COLLEGE NOWSHERA, KP as a regular civil servant BPS 18. That a post of assistant professor was advertised in march 18 after being vacant upon resignation from the post. He was inducted through initial recruitment. Now it was the turn of promotion. Our point was that since formalities were not all available eligible candidates were supposed to considered first before embarking upon advertisement. Importantly it was the turn of promotion not initial recruitment.

Also I did fill the form with resevations. But before the completion of the process DEAN changed and new administration somehow followed the SOP and formally invited application from the availble eligible candidates. I applied and papers were sent to scrutiny committe which unanimously recommended me for the promotion.

That i was promoted after fullfilling all the official formalities n after thorough scruitny of the documents. Meanwhile by fault or deliberately or by malaphide intentions, the post was re-advertised on which v made departmental representation showing our reservation and asked for taking the advertisement back and pacing up the promotion process After scruitny Promotion order was issued n I took the charge n the charge report was endorsed by the competent authority.

After 15 days, the promotion order was ""HELD IN ABEYANCE""" without giving the reason and contrary to promotion, process of initial recruitment was resumed. Multiple departmental representations were made at relevant forums. Meanwhile interviews were were conducted and i made an appeal for postponing the interviews bt it was rejected and as a PROTEST i took part in it and i narrated my grievances before the interview committee. Any how the process conituned and they were preparing for notification of appointee, i went to peshawar high court and had a maintainence of STATUS  QUO order in my favor.

I need to know the scope of my petition and relevant decisions in similar cases in high court or superme court

Also what should i do n what can i do ???

Thursday, July 25th, 2019 by drkashifiltaf