Question :

Dear Sir,

With ref of your website, requires your kind guidelines:

1. Un-Registered nikah was done on July 2009 through some black mailing.
2. Un-Registered Divorce on June 2011.

3. Since 2011, the same lady disturbing through other direct / in direct sources
4. She put so many blames through my all known personnel and totaly disturb my respect.
5. SHe threat in different way and have so many evidence.
6. She is claiming different things in front of different peoples.

So, now i want legal action against her. So please advise me the process & my right.



  1. you have two way to take action .

    one is civil remedy, which is better one, and other is registering a
    criminal case,

    in a civil suit u can restrain her from claiming ur wife etc and also
    claim damages for tort and mental torture and loss of reputation.

    on the other side u can also get register a fir against her b.

    first of all let us know the exact way of blackmailing and available
    materiel .

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