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I was nazim of Union council Manjhand District Jamshoro Sind during year 2001-2004.At that time I was human rights activist also and helped one minor aged girl from selling by her father and also highlighted issue of selling of bengali women in interior sindh.These issues were highlighted in media.My rivals threatened me by sending false applications to anticorruption and other authorities.Now I am living in UAE for last 7 years and working as engineer.Anticorruption Department lodged an FIR against me for corruption on basis of 20 years old application by some one.Judge special court of hyderabad region has blocked my NIC and passport.What should I do now..I can not leave my job because I am the only supporter of my whole family.If I go to pakistan ,I can not do job and I have life threats.what should I do now?


  1. Sir, there is no way to except your arrival in Pakistan. You may come to Pakistan after a writ petition before High court for restoration of your passport and protective bail. As a last hope, you may file a complaint through overseas paksitanis Complaint Portal for redressal of greinvaces. Thanks

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