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My brother adopted my son when he was just 4 months. This was done during our visit to USA. Me & my spouse signed papers in the presence of Legal attorney for giving our consent for adoption. Subsequently, local court of USA issued adoption certificate & birth certificate bearing place of birth as Pakistan and my brother & his spouse as parents. Green Card has also been issued but citizenship certificate yet to issue. My brother approached Pakistan Embassy for issuance of Pakistani Passport with changed particulars to travel but they refused to issue passport on the basis that previous passport & Nadra record shows my name as father and my spouse name as mother of adopted child.

Please guide, can the record of Nadra be changed.


  1. Yes, it can be changed, all process until now you have done at the USA but legally no action has been taken in Pakistan. In your case, your brother needs to get a Guardian Certificate from Guardian Judge and then his name shall be incorporated in BADRA record as Guardian, only then passport could be issued to him. or he may travel on the same passport with your name along with a permission letter from your side.

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