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My wife is Canadiann citizen and i need marriage FRC to submit in embassy ..but when i asked to NADRA for FRC they said your wife doesn’t have pak id card not even her parents so no record is showing so its true case shes canadian and her parents too so what i do how can i sort out this problem guide me please thanks ….
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  1. No Sir, in fact first of al lu need to get a NADRA Marriage Certificate and then you shall apply before NADRA office for incorporation of your wife name as your wife in your Family Tree. then you may get the FRC from anywhere, even online. you may also get a Pakistan Origin Card (POC) for your wife for visa-free travel to Pakistan. If you have Nadra Marriage Certificate then you try to get FRC may see our blog for more information over FRC here. or visit NADRA website. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at

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