Sir i have a case in civil court, it has been 8 hearings, judge dont do anything just read newspaper also, reader of judge ask all parties present we say yes he give us new date after 15 days, one time i said to reader sir kindpy give us 1 month later date he told the name of opposition lawyer that he will not agree so he didnt gave us 30 days, tell me what are my writes people say if i talk directly ti judge he will put me in jail, what should i do i just stand there always and saty silent

Monday, May 20th, 2019 by zainaladand


  1. These issues should be discussed with your lawyer as he knows better the actual situation of the case. Why you ask for a date when you have engaged a lawyer for this service. ? you may talk to the lawyer directly if you need it necessary. if you think the judge is not working well you may file a complaint against him before the high court.